A downloadable game for Windows

Soar through a lost world using Dilán’s magnetic shell and find the seven lost Gramophones to wake its friend

Dilán is a 2.5D Platformer game. You play as Dilán, a curios armadillo with a magnetic shell. It's your duty to collect the mythical gramophones and wake up your friend; The Mountain Cat.

Dilán is a little game made in 7 weeks by students at FutureGames. A game design and real-time 3D focused Associate degree college in Stockholm, Sweden.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, Doubleclick Dilán.exe


Dilán.zip 265 MB


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Another nice project from FG. I liked the idea and the mechanic... not sure about the giant cat... I would have felt safer, as an armadillo, with a giant dog. :) 


Great let's play! It's always amazing seeing people playing games that one have worked on. Maybe we'll include a giant dog for the sequal ;) 

Hey, glad you like the video. Dilán & Dog, it would be awesome. :)